Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I leave in a week for Tour with Foundation and Forfeit, I'm pretty glad and fortunate to be going. My mind is so tangled up right now, I just need to get away with some friends and seethe rest of this country I live in.  7.14 through 7.20 will be with Verse and Have Heart, so that should be a great time. Killing Time is also playing the Philly show so that'll be cool too, cantwait to head to Geno's and eat me a good cheesesteak, hopefully i'll be able to say whats up to my uncle too. Im pretty excited about seeing Boston, Chicago, Cali, Tijuana and just driving across the country. I have a court date August 11th that im trying to move, hopefully it'll happen, if not i'll just have to fly back.  Im glad that im going and all, but I wish I didn't feel like I have to go or my head will explode here. All my friends that I grew up with our caught up in something and the thing I've been caught up with decided we need to end for good. Im kinda glad though, she's happy and I can go on with life. Ok im gonna quit talking about 

I want to take a second to talk about Crown of Thornz and Fury of Five, oddly enough Mentally Vexed and At War with the World have been keeping me sane. I've always liked these records but lately more than ever, Juggernaut is still one of the hardest ever in my opinion, and stickman is still horrifying and awesome to listen to. Still waiting the day for a Band to cover Juggernaut so I can kill somebody, or even myself.

Records that have come out this year that I have enjoyed;

Have Heart - Songs to Scream at the Sun
I think the record's awesome, it was surprisingly short, but still awesome. I feel like its slower and more melodic, so of course I'm into it. Favorite songs on the record are "Pave Paradise" and "Brotherly Love."

Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold
Hit that Crown of Thornz feel right on the money, so stoked for this band. Aggressive NYHC, my favorite. Im glad a band like this is doing things. Sucks they're van got broken into in Europe. Favorite song on the record is Street Lights. Mosh Mosh Mosh.

Verse - Aggression
This record is sooooooo good, way better than I thought it would be. It's gotten more political which is good. I hope this record doesn't get overlooked, it's hard for a band to put out 3 solid LP's so I hope this record gets what it deserves. Favorite songs on the record are "Scream" and "Sons and Daughters"

Blacklisted - Heavier than Heaven Lonelier than God
God damn, I've been waiting for Blacklisted to put out an LP and it was well worth the wait, I remember when "I am Weighing Me Down" came out and people were complaining, yeah its not like the demo or our youth is wasted, but its still fucking good. I like it when bands change like Blacklisted did, it just makes me feel like they matured in how they wanted to write music.

Shipwreck - Abyss
Each song makes me want to kill somebody, good job.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Maybe I'm Just Crazy

Overdoses last show was tonight, Tomass and I went and picked up some silly string and inflatable Gators/Sharks/Dolphins/Whales to bring to the show as a surprise. In my opinion the show couldn't have gone any better. I do believe that overdose ending was a slight end of an era, and it was pretty sad watching it go, but I know it couldn't have gotten any better then that set. Hard Eddie came up from FLA with other kids and it was good seeing them, It was good seeing Bo as well, even though I didn't get to catch up with him as much as I would have liked to.

I love my friends, I really do, it sucks that I have so many ups and downs with them. A good friend of mine is leaving Tuesday and it chokes me up pretty bad thinking about it, things like this just make me feel like all my other friends are gonna leave me. I always try making all my friends happy, I rather be sad for the rest of my life as long as they're happy, and it sucks because I feel like I haven't been living by that lately. I mean, she'll really be gone, miles and miles away and unfortunately I dont think it'll ever be the same. Yeah I will keep in touch but I wont be able to just drive by and pick her up and even call her when im feeling down, it sucks that it takes a friend to move across the world to make you realize you need to wise up. I believe that I am a good person and I am good to my friends, so why can't I go to sleep? Why can't I leave my room? Why am I scared to call these kids i've known my whole life? This is just a phase, I hope, but its the worst phase ever. I spent an hour trying to find my Love Actually DVD but of course it grew legs and ran away. Nothing's going right.

" I never asked to be sorry
If its over its over for sure
I don't regret that I didn't want to
Remember what all this was for
So this is all we cn do
What news is in store
How come starting over
Would be frowned on anymore
Hannah hold on 
Hannah hold on 
Its all been said 
Its all been done
I never witnessed bitter like this
You & someone would think I'd have shot in cold blood
If you won't admit it and I won't be around
Just so I hear the applause
This isn't all we can do
When in doubt you move on
No need to sort it all out
By the time you read this I'll be gone
Hannah hold on 
Hannah hold on 
Its all been said 
Its all been done 
Hang on

You only disappoint the ones who don't believe

Hannah hold on
I never asked to be sorry
If its over its over for sure"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This is my first blog, should be cool, I liked live journal because it was straight up a place for me to say what was on my mind but that faded on me. Here I go.

Life has been alright, not too much going on. Got some cool things this past month.

The new grand theft auto, I generally do not play video games anymore except for Madden, maybe Skate, but back in middle school GTA3 was pretty fun to just play with friends in the neighborhood so me and my bro went and got this. This game is crazy, so much more realistic, i got in my car and remember hearing that there was a NYHC station in the game, it's kinda weird, but cool.

Another one to add the my hoodie collection, I first heard Striking Distance summer of 05 when Tomas put it in on the way to some show, I was into it. 
3.31.07 - Ryan, Tomas and I were supposed to 
drive up to PA for the Striking Distance reunion / Youngblood Fest, Tomas bailed but let Ryan and I take his car. Honestly, the worst trip ever travel wise, we slept at rest stops which was weird and cold. We
 left friday night, slept 3 hours max maybe, then the fest. Iron Age, Rise and Fall, LOJ, Mind Eraser plus a few others played, it was great. Striking Distance came on and it was absolutely insane, well worth the crazy ass trip.

I got this burn hoodie this past month from Colin(thanks). The hoodie isn't that big, closest thing i'll find in my size atleast. First time I heard burn it was the last great sea record and fell in love. I would later fall deeper in love hearing the Shall be Judged 7". This is up there with the best things I have gotten this year actually, who knows, maybe i'll beat it.

I'll be leaving school ten days from today, the more I think about it... this is fucking crazy.
School has always had it's ups and downs for me. 

6 years of Catholic school is crazier than it sounds. I hated it, plus I am with the same assholes from K-5 since there is only one class for each grade. Eventually I would move to Georgia and enter another world of shit. I hated middle school except 8th grade, cause 8th grade was insane. So many things went on every other week, kids on my team getting drunk and making a scene in lunch rooms, the school getting graffitied, stealing candy from the PE shack on the field, bringing the flame thrower to school, all the fights, the lockdowns from the fake hitlists in the bathroom and the amount of close friends I had on my team.

High School was overwhelming for the most part, not so much 9th grade since I didn't really hang out with anyone from school. 10th grade was full of crazy relationship problems and new friends. Of course this happens throughout high school but I look back on it as kind of funny. Senior year has been good, I got into Georgia State like I wanted to, my grades have been good, and I only go to school till 11:15. Plus I'll be exempting most my finals so thats cool. Being 17 and going to college with a trusted job is ideal to me right now, i'll see how life goes.